How to create BlogSpot and get IDBack to top

Please Make sure that you have a Google email address. Go to this address : http://www.blogger.com/create-blog.g and start to create your blog..

Input blog's information

Choose the template


The blog's ID

How to create Wordpress websiteBack to top

Please follow one of the two options below :

Option 1 :

- Go to https://en.wordpress.com/signup/
Input information to signup then click "Create Blog". Click "Upgrade" if you want to get more plugins and supporting from wordpress.

- Check Your E-mail to Complete Registration

- Choose a starter theme

Choose a starter theme

You will see the "Welcome screen" after finished.

Welcome page

Option 2 :

- Go to http://wordpress.org/

- Download the latest version of wordpress and install

Download wordpress

Does Hatforrent limit the post per day ?Back to top

Hatforrent doesn't limit your posts, but blogspot is limit. You should post 5 posts per day. If there are more than those, your account may be reported by admin’s of those sources and google banned your blog. If you have your own domain with wordpress is installed, you can post as many as you want.

When the post will be displayed on the website after submit the link ?Back to top

After you submit the link, within 15-30 minutes, the article will be shown on your website.

Is Hatforrent support for mobile ?Back to top

Currently, Hatforrent dose not have the mobile version, but you can still use the mobile to manipulate.

The images are stored ?Back to top

Your Contents of your sources that you specify, are gotton by Hatforrent service, to will be split your contents become 2 part : Text and Images. Text are stored on blogspot and images are stored on Google’s CDN, which will reduce using hosting capacity, otherwise it will help your site load images faster.

Can i use Hatforrent's account on many different computers at the same time ?Back to top

Yes, you can use Hatforrent's account on many different computers at the same time.

Can hatforrent get the content from the website that contain the attached file.Back to top

Yes absolutely, but the attachments will remain on its server, not related to Hatforrent. Hatforrent only pick up the attachments path.

Different between "selector of title link" and "selector of title"Back to top

selector of titlelink : Get the detailed link of the post in the URL that you provide.

selector of title : Get the title of the post.

Different between get content by HTML and get content by RSSBack to top

HTML : Can get the latest post in category, tag, or in archives ....

RSS : Only get the latest post in the site (Hatforrent only supports the feed with the standard format

SelectorBack to top

Hatforrent is using hatforrent selector. So you need to understand about it before working with us.